New ideas.....

I decided a couple of days ago that I need to resurrect my Blog. The poor thing is dying a slow death. The problem is that I find LJ to be a quicker way to post info and catch up on other folks, so I tend to neglect my Blog.

Not anymore.

Not only will I be updating every day (cross fingers), but I'm going to EXCLUSIVELY use it to air my CTA commuting stories.

Every day, a new story. Some will be happy, some sad, some FRUSTRATING...
(the CTA? frustrating? shut up....)

Onward & upward -

The only thing from today's commute that stands out is an adorable moment I shared with a woman on the train. Since I get on the train so far away from downtown, I'm always able to get a seat. Once we get to Belmont, though, the train just PACKS in with people. So this morning, this woman comes on and is practically pushed into me due to the creush behind her. This makes me look up from my book, and I notice that she is about 7 months pregnant. I immediately pop up and ask "would you like to sit?"
She smiles and says "I would, if you don't mind?" -- and I say "not at all - please do.."
So she sits, and I become part of the crush. Not a normal thing for me on the WAY to work (coming home, different story), but it wasn't awful, just tight :)
We travel all the way down to Chicago Avenue, and she gets up to exit the train. On her way past me, she lays her hand on my arm, and smiles and says "thank you so much for letting me sit". To which i responded "no problem"

Well, it was nice to post a nice story to start with. I'm sure that will change.

Stay tuned dear readers!

(now, I;'m off to try and remove those awful google ads I put in ....)


valerie said...

yay, the blog is back!!!

Mike said...

Hey - both of us resurrected our blogs on the same day. Must be some weird after effect of Moody's sangria. :-)

Looking forward to your CTA stories. Don't slack!