i am such a dumbass

today's rant is ALL directed at myself.

So, my usual mode of CTA payment is my lovely 30 day pass (just the regular one you buy at the store, none of this "chicago card " crap.....)
Anyway, it prints the expriration right on the back, and I've been going through this week under the impression that it expired some time on the the 17th.
This morning I put it in the slot and get "see attendant"
I've gotten that message before - my card is expired.
I flip it around and it says "expires 725 pm march 15"
yeah, thats LAST NIGHT.

I needed to buy a pass soon, so I had the money, no biggie.

Here's the complication. I live near one of only 3 red line stations that are not situated right over a currency exchange (dammit!!!!!)
SO, I have to walk around the corner and up the street to the Dominick's to buy a pass from the customer service. This would have been a fast transaction, were it not for the woman at the front of the line sending money via western union.

moral of the story is I was only 8 minutes late puching in at work, which isn't bad, considering.

dianna = dumbass

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