great picture... great memory

My stepfather Timo was in no uncertain terms, a right bastard. But thats an entirely different post. However, his only shining quality was his love of hockey, and he loved to play with my brother and some of the neighborhood guys.

When he was younger, Timo was an accomplished swimmer and won a bunch of medals for his swimming back in his homeland of Finland.

What you are seeing in the picture is the end of a great game of Everett street hockey, where Timo let all the guys wear one of his medals, so they could act like they'd won the olympics or something. He had a really soft side for the kids (when he wasn''t drinking -- again, for another day I promise), and this picture is just such a great representation of my youth. (My brother Danny is all the way to the left... even in winter he's wearing his Little League championship jacket).

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