less than 2 weeks...

...until our road trip!

I love when you're planning something - an event, an evening out, or a vacation, and you've planned the thing months in advance, and at the time all you can think is "I can't wait until X happens!". Then, the time ghoes by and you're in the position I'm in now... where all I can think, after 5 months of planning, is "I can't beleieve we leave in less than 2 weeks!"

I plan on trying to blog from the road so I can keep everyone up to date on our travels.

The plan for the trip (so far) is to leave the Chicago area around 2pm on Friday the 31st (Sara is picking me up straight from work). We are planning on having a cooler of food so we dont have to stop as much (just for the occasional pee-break). Our goal Friday is to make it AT LEAST as far as Erie, PA. This is completely do-able: I made that far driving back to Mass. with my mom back in 2001.

Sara is actually going to be OFF on that Friday, so she's planning on sleeping in as much as she can so that she can just keep driving until she can't anymore.

(Erie, PA is the goal, but if we can POSSIBLY make it into NY, we're going to try)

Then, on Saturday the 1st, we'll get up around 8ish and be on the road by 830-9am. Depending on where we stopped the night before, we should get to my mom's neck of the woods by 5pm - 7pm - hopefully just in time for dinner :)

We're staying at a cabin just a short 10 miles away (in Maine, you would call that "down the road a piece").

Here's a shot from the back porch of the cabin:

How can you NOT get excited about someplace that cool looking?

I can smell the pine trees already...

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