August 9th

wow... 2 posts in one day, Brownlee will be beside himself...

August 9th is a GREAT combination of days.

FIRST - My baby sister ( I guess not so baby anymore) was born 27 years ago today. Man, I remember that like it was yesterday - she was like a little doll with dark brown hair. Some of my BEST memories of childhood are with Heather. Watching "Annie" for the millionth time, listening to Madonna songs together and signing along, playing with barbie's (yes, I was a girl once), going camping... the list goes on.
Happy Birthday baby sister! You're a treasure, and I wish you happiness and love.

Well, today is ALSO me & Sara's 6 year anniversary.
HOLY CRAP! 6 YEARS? really?!?!?!??

Yes, really. I was 26 when we first met and fell in love (and Sara was a mere 22). Now, 6 years later, we own a car, we're making small plans for a condo (within a year, hopefully...), plus Sara wants be pregnant before 30 if possible....
We did that "live apart" thing for a year, and without voicing it, I know that our friends were wary - they probably thought we wouldn't make it. Strangely enough, it made us stronger and all the best ways. We appreciate each other more, we don't take each other for granted anymore and we TALK about what we're feeling. We hardly ever argue anymore even! We take the time to say not only that we love each other, but whatever's on our mind at that moment (things like "Your hair looks really cute today - I love it" or "I love your smile", etc).

She's the best thing that has ever happened to me.
hands down.

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