• There was a little kid at Blue Man last night who was just jumping up and down on his seat during the finale he was so excited (there was no one behind them, so that didn't matter)Stuff like that just warms my cynical heart.
  • There's a WMFA chick I work with at BMG (that's the shortened version of "wicked-mega-fuckin-awesome") who is having some health problems and is on a leave of absence. I think about her daily and I keep hoping the good mojo I keep sending her via my brainwaves is helping.
  • "The Diviners" closes this weekend, so starting tonight there are only 4 more chances to see it! 312-458-9374 for reservations.
  • Yesterday I got the wedding invitation for 2 of my favorite people in the whole world - it made my heart smile :)
  • Sunday is the first day since Easter that I haven't had to be at either my day job, BMG, or The Diviners. Let's just say I plan on sleeping in...HEAVILY.

That's it for now I guess....

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Michael Brownlee said...

Hey, did you get our invitation too :)