called out for calling out

So, I called out Kris Vire for his lack of a new blog for 10 days - he apologized and obliged with a new post.

Then I thought about it.... If I'm hard on others (in a vaguely stalker-ish kind of way), then I suppose I should update for my 3 readers as well. It's only fair.

"The Diviners" closed this weekend. It was the best play that no one saw. Our house were kind of lacking, but the show itself never lacked. These guys gave their all if it were 7 people or if it were 37. There were some backstage tensions during our last full production, so it was great to have a tension free run. Actors who liked each other - professionals who brought their A-game every night. And every time I listen to that soundtrack I just want to hug Joe & Steve. Should you have a chance to hire Toxic Bag Prod. to do your sound design, DO IT.

Last night I watched 'Into The Wild" finally. Cried my eyes out, I have to say. Even though I had read the book and completely knew how it was going to end. What a great performance by Emile Hirsch - he was amazing.

And lastly, had "more than 6 hours" of sleep last night for first time in about 3 weeks. It was DIVINE.

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Michael Brownlee said...

mmmm. sleep. i could take a nap right zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz