Non-equity jeffs

Chris Jones has a pretty comprehensive list of the nominees, and for ONCE I actually know a bunch of people and wanted to say congrats!

First off, one of the best shows I saw all of last year was New Leaf's "The Dining Room". And lo and behold, nominations for both "Best Director / Play" and "Best Ensemble"!! Kudos New Leaf! I had actually initially gone to the show because one of the actors, Marsha Harmon, temped in my office for almost a month, and we (of course) talked about theatre every day - so when the show was up and running, some gals from the office and I went to see Marsha. What I saw was such a lovely, nuanced production - the ease with which the actors slid from role to role, and the way the theatre space was simply PERFECT for this show was unbelievable. (On a side note, I'm dissapointed that fellow theatre blogger Nick Keenan was not nominated for his sound design for this one... it was just wonderful, and so completely essential)

'Best Production / Play' kudos go out to my pals at Steep, for getting their show "The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui" nominated. I worked with these guys last fall, Assistant Directing their production of "Coronado", and I never have anything but praise for these guys (and gals now, too!). Congrats Steep!

Brian Parry was nominated for "Three Hotels" (I worked with Brian on the aforementioned "Coronado"), and Dana Tretta was nominated for "Cabaret" (we worked together on SRT's "Caucasian Chalk Circle"). Congrats you two!!!

Fellow Theatre blogger Rebecca Zellar's company GreyZelda recieved an actor nomination for their production of "A View from The Bridge". Congrats to your company, Rebecca, forthe recognition! (and, congrats to your actor, Nicolle!!!)

And finally, a dual nomination for Kimberly Morris, for her costume AND mask design for Lifeline's "Island of Dr. Moreau". Kim's sister Karyn is a friend of mine (and soon-to-be-sister-in-law to friend and fellow blogger Michael Brownlee), and I've never heard anything but MOUNTAINS of praise for Kim's work - I'll be sure to congratulate her in person at Karyn and Michael's wedding (which is in only 36 days - did you know that Mikey???)

Congrats all around!