Absolutely Beautiful

How beautiful is this chick?

I mean look at her... beautiful smile, glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and that little belly is sexy.


yeah, you heard it. BELLY = sexy

There's some controversy because this pic actually appeared in the pages in (gasp!) Glamour magazine. Untouched.

The peeps at Glamour have stood behind the pic 100%, and have a whole blog post dedicated to how proud they are of the conversations coming out of it.

There are commenters on the blog that are calling her obese. It just pains me to hear it.

Maybe because I'm heavy I'm a little jaded, but I just don't see anything wrong with her at all. In fact, I throw down the gauntlet right now. The model in the pic, Liz, is a size 12. If I can make it down to a size 12....no...wait.....WHEN I make it down to a size 12, I'm posing for a pic just like this one. In celebration of the event, I'm gonna get a big tattoo on my once-large belly that says "Here lies the remains of my former broken self image"
(I'm warning in advance, though.... my boobs are about 10 times the size of this chicks.... I'm jus' sayin'.....)


joe g said...

There was a similar uproar when we did the Dove "Campaign for Real Beauty" a couple of years back. Remember Richard Roeper saying all that stuff about not wanting to see "real" women on billboards?

Adam Dodds said...

When I read your post, Dianna, the first thing I thought of was the Dove campaign that Joe mentioned. What I remember about that campaign was thinking to myself "people should be up in arms about this, but for the opposite reason. Didn't anybody notice how Dove's "real" beauties had been airbrushed all to hell? They managed to maintain the general silhouette of an average person, but the cellulite, stretch marks, blemishes and pores had to go. I say good for Glamour and good for you!