Let me get this straight.....

A young woman makes gang rape allegations against 4 guys at a Hofstra University Dorm. The 4 guys in question are immediatley arrested and their faces and names are plastered ALL OVER the news. This was a rape on a campus about 1,000 miles away from me, and even I knew the details.

Fast forward a day or 2.

"Young Woman" in question recants her story, right after there is evidence gathered (a cell phone video) which confirms it was consentual sex. She admits to police the sex was consentual.
The charges are dropped, and the young men are released.

The police have said they aren't releasing the woman's name.
The reason????

"I believe that it is a question of potential safety for her, and the investigation is ongoing," [Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen] Rice said."

What the HELL kind of double standard is THAT?

Now, I'm all for protecting the rights of the victim, but only when they were actually a VICTIM. This woman is now the criminal (it's against the law to falsely accuse of a crime), and we're sheltering a CRIMINAL'S identity?

And what of these boys who did NOTHING wrong? Who was sheltering them?
The whole thing pisses me off.